Send a Telegram Corporate Resources Contact Us Home Contact Us provides the international telegram service formerly provided by FTCC, which was founded in 1895 with the objective of laying a transatlantic telegraph cable. As a part of its legacy, is now using FTCC's historic telegraphic country prefix. is regulated by FCC as an enhanced service provider under Title: I. FCC Registration Number (FRN): 0025305764.

Any person can create and send a Telegram to any address in the world wide network and expect a fast and efficient delivery to a street address or Post Office Box. Examples of delivery level by country: Japan: same day, remote islands next day; U.S.A. business: same day, Spain: same day.

Telegrams are ideal for: Birthday, Weddings, Graduations, Cancellation of contracts, Funeral Sympathy Condolence Bereavement Telegrams, Loyalty Programs, Promotional Events, Invitations, Message to Your Representative, Product Promotions, Sales, Launches, Debtors, Business Communications, Sporting Events and more.
International Telegrams - immediate transmission to the nearest telegraph office to the destination address. You can send a Telegram anywhere in the world - even to ships at sea. An International Telegram is delivered at the discretion of the destination country's regulations and Postal Telegraph Administration. Per international treaty, international telegrams are delivered as telegrams with priority.© is a telegraph public utility providing international public message submission services. The Internet division has been operating since 1995, is a first choice provider of worldwide telegraphic submission and routing service.

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